Wiant And Big Mistakes

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Gross Profit Reflection Paper
When an organization face a froud, it is not an error for the guilty person; this is more a mistake from the own organization system. it might sounds conflicted, however, the management of the sytem is not well monitores or prepared for any mysterious activity. Of course there are several activities that an organization is not able to notice them because we are more concern and worried for those top amd big mistakes instead of the little ones. I have to mention that a big mistake is not a big mistake is a little mistake growing and it needs a process to become a giant mistake. Absolluty it takes time; those problems do not appear in couple or hours.
Daniel Wiant jailed in Hawaii fraud admits $7.9 mil Cancer Society theft. The testimony of Wiant is very interesting because he mentioned that the first inaccuracy by the American Cancer Society of Ohio recruiter was do not check his background. This is a black and white topic since some people have negative points in their background history as Wiant, and it doesn’t mean they are keeping those characteristic in the actually, so it is very difficult to find a better job. Wiant admitted that he altered his own resume to his convenience. Let see how this fraud begun with the organization system and not with Wiant. First, the decision of hire him was taken by the organization. Wiant could change everything, but the organization had the responsablity
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Maybe Wiant see that he deserved that because he was an exemptional employee. He did not specific the reason why he did the fraud more than personal thoughts after he rationalized when his supervisor asked him to manipulate the financial statements in the way his fraudulent transactions were more expenses to the ACS books In addition because n-profit organization do not generate as much money as other, and people can keep thinking in keep donating to the

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