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Case Study: The Grizzly Bear Lodge Diane and Rudy Conrad own a small lodge outside of Yellowstone National Park called The Grizzly Bear Lodge. The lodge is rather small, containing only 15 rooms that can accommodate 40 guests. The lodge is open between May and September and then reopens in April for a short spring season. They are weighing their options to possibly expand their business and add an additional 20 rooms. There are many factors that go into the expansion, including their current annual income of only $70,000. Although the expansions could allow for more guests to visit the lodge, they are afraid that it may take away from the extensive customer service they are currently able to provide (Bateman). The feed …show more content…
Paying employees high wages during busy holiday seasons will be a change, considering they do not usually operate year-round. Also, their short season expenses were equal to $230,000, and they must expect a significant increase in expense when operated twelve months out of the year. The entire building will have to be heated through the cold winter months, adding to the expenses for the lodge.
Marketing control is the process used to monitor the proposed plans and adjust where they see necessary. This will help see if they are on the right track to accomplishing a target goal. They could plan their expansion to begin September when the guests are gone to avoid the construction and renovations from affecting current guests. During this time period, they should hire someone to be the director of marketing to set specific goals for the lodge and track their progress. They should begin with current email addresses or mailing addresses of the guests that visit them on a semi-normal basis. The Grizzly Bear Lodge will put together a flyer thanking them for their service and also informing them the upcoming changes to the lodge including: the collaboration with local businesses for organized excursions such as guided rafting, longer restaurant hours including dinner during the high season, and opportunities for packages during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

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