Green Marketing Essay

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There are seven key green marketing principles that will help green companies sustain. Why are green marketing principles so important? There are several reasons. One of them being that businesses can avoid accusations of greenwashing which is a term meaning to promote a company's products deceptively. Another reason is that ethically it is the right thing to do. Businesses should be promoting green and protecting and preserving the environments resources because we all use them. Finally, companies appreciate the reputation of a green company and may attract more business. The seven key marketing principles are responsibilities of the business, the social and economic impact of a business, business behavior, respect for rules, support for …show more content…
However, instead they should be looking to conduct businesses morally and truthfully. Customer service does everything they can to help customers smoothly and as efficient as possible. T-Mobile and Sprint are cellphone providers and have built the reputation on some of the best customer services around. Respect for rules should be a staple for all businesses. When a company is green, they should have a high regard for rules and passion to go above and beyond. The reason being a green company is more than just being in business to produce and deliver to customers. All businesses should be aware of the decisions they make. Just because an action is legal, it could have some consequences. For example, although arguing with police is not illegal, it could and usually does have some adverse consequences. If a local restraint provides poor service, even though it is not illegal, the word of mouth can have some consequences on being able to service future customers. There should be an emphasis on Support for multilateral trade to be done by all businesses. Cooperative businesses who network generate better results and profits. Also, the customers and shareholders typically benefits as well as they often get a better deal. For example, history states that the French helped out America, particularly California with its wine manufacturing. With a favor from World War II. After producing subpar wine, Napa Valley is well known for its wine in the United States.

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