Greek Mythology Of The Iliad Essay

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The Greek, Trojan, and Indian families all have different views of seeing family and most of the time put other things over family. Take for example how the Greeks and Trojans in The Iliad both valued glory over family, unlike the Indians who did not. The Indian families in The Ramayana are traditional and follow a caste system in which everyone has a dharma or duty. They value this system and honor their roles, like women who are to submit to their husbands.
In The Iliad, the Trojans and Greeks appear to value glory and honor over family. Characters like Achilles and Hector decide to leave their homes to attain fame and glory at war are perfect examples. In addition to the Greeks and Trojans, the gods as well are “anything but selfless, and their honor is every bit as important to them as it is to the heroes”(pg.50). Take, for example, Achilles, a Greek hero, who left his father at home to fight in the Trojan war. In The Iliad, Achilles refuses to return to war after Agamemnon took Briseis away from him. Achilles concern for his fellow companions at war encourages him to propose a plan after his proudness does not permit him to return. Hence, sending Patroclus, his beloved friend, in his place at the battle. Sooner or later, Patroclus dies in the hands of Hector in the battlefield. With the death of Patroclus, Achilles decides to return to battle and avenge his friend. It is interesting to see how different he grieved for the loss of Patroclus, "his grudge against…

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