The Gods Influence In The Odyssey

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The gods play a fundamental role in defining and guiding the lives and character of the Greeks. The gods' influence is demonstrated by direct intervention or through indirect influence in the lives' of their worshippers. The Phaeacians are an example of this type of determinativist existence. The Phaeacians thrive on their island because of their strong relationships with the gods. Their daily lives are engrained with ritualistic evidence of their devotion and they represent the good that can come from pleasing the gods. The gods have power that comes from the respect of the people whom they influence.

The book begins with Odysseus praying to Athena before he will venture into town. Athena answers his prayers by appearing in the form
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Athena’s affection for Odysseus has kept him alive throughout his many struggles and demonstrates how powerful she is. It is clear by the Phaeacian’s relationships with the gods and Odysseus’ connection with Athena that having the gods on your side can be profitable, whether it is proven through gifts or guidance. Athena and Odysseus reach the palace but before she returns to Athens she advises him to enter bravely and seek the help of Queen Arete. Athena’s guidance is integral to Odysseus’ …show more content…
Athena’s influence encouraged his son to search for him, got him off the island, helped him survive the rough seas, helped him get the help of Nausicaa and made him appear godlike, helped him get to town disguised as a young girl and protected him because he is cunning like she is and she loves him because of this. The power of the gods simultaneously grows from and helps the people who worship it. The miracle of Odysseus’ survival is completely credited to Athena. The many gifts and lush lifestyle of the Phaeacian’s are gods-given. They love the gods in the sky and honour them through daily ritual and they love their godlike rulers. Having strong relationships with the gods is important. Most importantly, this shows that the Greeks were a determinitavist people and abided by the rules of

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