Grasping And Holding A Baby Essay

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Milestones: Grasp and Hold objects
Age: 3-4 months

Being able to grasp and hold objects is a very important milestone in a newborn's life.
Babies are born with an innate capability to grasp objects. However, at the age of 3 months ,the baby is able to grasp objects voluntarily and instinctively. Till this time the baby usually keeps with hands clenched in a fist, but are able open and close them voluntarily.

What is grasping reflex?
Have you ever witnessed the baby securely grasping your finger, if you put it into the baby's palm? This very reflex of the baby being able to tightly grasp your finger is called grasping reflex.
This reflex can also be witnessed in the baby's feet too. The baby will grasp your finger by curling the toes, when
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It's really important to stimulate a baby's grasping reflex and encourage him to grab an object of interest. If left on chance the baby may seem to be lost and may not discover the ability of his hands and fingers soon enough and would result in delay of developing other fine motor skills. Intervening at the right time and engaging baby in developmentally appropriate activities would stimulate their overall development.
Grasping and holding develops which skill?
With the development of grasping skill the baby would soon develop a skill called 'pincer grasp'. Pincer grasp is basically the ability to be able to pick up tiny objects between just forefinger and the thumb. The baby would soon get good control over this action by about 8-9 months.
How to help the baby in developing a grasping skill?
• Hang toys in his crib or make him lie down in a play gym. This will excite the baby and he would try to grasp them.
• Improve the baby's hand strength by letting your baby bear weight on his hands. You can do this by lying the baby on his tummy and allow him to push his hands. You can also make the baby's hand come together and encourage the baby to grasp his own

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