Graham Vs. Connor, 409 US Case Brief Case Study

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Case Brief
Graham vs Connor, 409 U.S. 386 (1989)

1. Facts: Graham was experiencing a diabetic insulin reaction so he asked his friend to take him to the convenience store to get orange juice to react against the instant reaction. The friend took Graham to the convenience store. Graham went in the store got orange juice got in line in the line was long so he decided to leave and go home instead. There was an officer outside of the convenience store. The officer observed Graham rushing to get back into the car. The officer became suspicious of why ground was rushing out of the store so he did an investigative stop of Graham and his friend. Officer even call for backup of another officer. The officer detains Graham who was experiencing an insulin
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The officer that took the report then investigated to only find out that he had warrants out for his arrest. The formal criminal partner decided to take law into his own hands and go to the suspect's house. The officer was in route to the suspect's house to serve the warrants on the sister and learn that they were fighting. When the officer arrived, the suspect seen the officer and took off running. The officer secures the area telling everyone to stay in their vehicles while back up come to assist him. What's the area was secured the officer pursued to chase the suspect on foot. The suspect got away a neighbor called and told the ASA man was in her backyard that fit the suspect's description. The officer went on to chase the suspect and find him the substance jumped into a vehicle. The suspect beginning to look for Keys which in searching for keys look like he may have been searching for a weapon. The suspect found the keys started the vehicle help resume to drive away from officer. At all times, the officers are giving him commands to stop and get out. The suspect crashes the vehicle and the officer commands him to get out of the vehicle but he did not. The suspect begins to pursue to move the vehicle and at that time the officer fired shop at the suspect which end in …show more content…
Reasoning: Record of hell did you do some system by stating facts and points of what is art on the day of them attempt to arrest. The justification of the officer going to Serving a warrant was reasonable cause. The officer followed the due process while trying to apprehend the suspect. the court had to determine was it necessary to pursue the individual that was swinging from arrest. The court also had to ensure that what the officer action was when the shots on the moving vehicle was justifiable. The fourth amendment was not violated in this case. the eighth amendment was the challenge to determine was there excessive cruelty to the Free suspect. The court had to Justified through the law what was the law on pursuing a fleeing suspect. The court also had to justified was an officer or the community in any kind of harm's way in the attempt to subdue or detained the suspect. There was no weapon found when investigating the case. Was the rest more important than the individual

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