Graffiti Art Analysis

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This media material is actually Graffiti Art that can be found on a building in Mayfair, London, on November 20, 2011, by a famous street artist known as Banksy, true identity yet still unknown. This graffiti piece displays a dark figure of a woman falling alongside a shopping cart with a shadows cast from them. The women appear to be in a fully cloth along with a set of heels and in a skirt, as with the shopping cart it appears to have objects of jewelry and wine/alcohol and other more luxury type items falling with and off it.
Banksy’s street art often expresses his satire through his thoughts against political views and Idealism. Along with this piece, he states, "We can 't do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime, we should all go shopping to console ourselves.” (Wall and Piece.) Looking more into this, the figure of this woman remains obscure, shrouded she remains unknown allowing for one to easily imagine or relate themselves towards the figure and as you see the woman, she has no movement or signs of struggle or panic. This seems to suggest that the
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Most cases, either in manufacturing, in stores, or online, etc., devices and machines is now replacing the need for a human complement. Stephen Hawking even spoke about how new technologies aids the growth of inequalities. To sum up what he had to say, CNN’s Heather Long’s review she points out the general ideas of Hawking’s interview with, “Technology has replaced many blue collar jobs that paid well. Those workers have had to switch into retail and home healthcare jobs, where the pay is typically lower.” (Long.) Yet, it doesn’t stop there, companies and such, has been implementing self-checkout at retail, reducing the amount of retail jobs generally from 6 to either 1 or 2, or like how fast food experimenting with their own self-service

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