Graduation Speech : The Dropout Rate Essays

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It’s time that we come up with a better plan, a better understanding of things, and an easier way to help out our children. Having them stress so much about one big test and having it to determine if they have a chance to get their diploma or not, it’s not fair at all. It’s time for a change and in fact FCAT is a part of that. The main effect of FCAT is the dropout rate starting to rise which makes it impossible for most kids to graduate, get good grades, attend college, and also cause embarrassment.
Graduation play’s a huge role in most children’s lives, but sometimes it’s hard to reach that goal when it’s hard for the kid’s to focus. Most kids drop out of school not because they want to or they’re forced to, they do it because they feel as if they’re not smart enough to finish. It’s a lot for students to reach the requirements in order to graduate; they not only have to reach the goal of twenty four credits but they have to pass the math and science EOC (end of course exam). Most of the students have all A’s throughout the whole school year, have all of their credits but then when it’s time for FCAT they don’t pass. That should not hold them back from their diploma, because not all kids are good test takers like other’s are. Most of the time they may have a lot going on at home which cause them to be off focus but their afraid to let someone know. Also usually the students are just 1 or 2 points off, they should let them slide.

They study and study so much for this one…

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