Essay on Graduation Speech : The Biggest Question Of The Semester

928 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
The biggest question of the semester; was this class worth my time and efforts? Writing is one of the most valuable courses that will be taken throughout college. In order to succeed in any career, it is most important to be efficient in writing skills. Writing 101 has given me the opportunity to challenge myself on new and improved techniques, gain confidence in my writing skills, and most importantly provide me with valuable information that will be transferred into further classes and my career. In the first few weeks, the course focused strongly on grammar, what its purpose is and how to use it correctly. There were many punctuations prior to this class I would have felt myself to be more than efficient with, however, I quickly learned what may have been accepted in previous writing assignments, was not necessarily acceptable in college level courses. Unlike my previous understanding, sprinkling commas throughout my essay where I felt fit, I quickly learned that commas have a place and moment to be used correctly. Understanding the importance of semi colons and colons was also a valuable lesson taught in this course. Their meaning and purpose were addressed early on in our class, along with the other punctuations. Run on sentences were a very big struggle I personally dealt with throughout this course. After gaining the proper knowledge of how to correctly use commas, periods, semicolons, ext. these difficulties were, almost if not completely, eliminated. These lessons…

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