Essay about Graduation Speech : Spring Of 2016 Semester

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Spring of 2016 semester has been a fun but eye opening experience. I had the opportunity to observe and help out in a third grade classroom. I loved every minute it. My mentor was compassionate and attentive to her students learning needs, and the classroom was warm filled with thought and laughter. In addition, I had the great pleasure to observe a bright, amazing little girl named Jane. She is a funny, well-rounded eight-year-old. Jane’s hobbies consist of singing, bouncy balls, and the Disney movie Frozen. Jane loves to sing so much that you can hear her sweet voice every morning when she enters the classroom. In my forty-five hours of observation, her clothes were always Frozen related. I could always found her at recces with her frosty blue sweater, or her pink and purple Anna and Elsa shirts. When meeting Jane, you would never guess she possess an intellectual disability.
Although Jane’s level of education is at a kindergarten level, she still continues to amaze the people around her. Jane leaves the classroom for about 165 minutes a day. She receives occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy. She is on a behavioral plan and modified reading, math, and language. In addition, Jane is in a push-in program. The push-in program is really interesting. The program allows students to spend more time in the general education classroom and less time in the extended resource room. Moreover, parents and teachers work together in hopes of pushing Jane in the…

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