Graduation Speech : Science Classes Essay

1018 Words May 24th, 2016 null Page
If you ask me, my achievements are very small academically. They were easy to achieve, and never truly meant much. I have always gotten in or above high eighties in all classes, except English where I always seemed to fall short. As far as core classes go math was always the easiest to earn high marks in as my brain is very logical and mathematical. Sciences came next for mostly the same reasons, however I was much more interested in sciences growing up, so science classes were more fun. After that was history type classes, they were a lot like English so I never really enjoyed them but, then again, I never had to write papers or take vocabulary tests in history type classes. English was the hardest because it takes a lot of brainpower to come up with the things to write, remember the vocab words, and to please the teacher. If someone were to look at my grades I got in non-core classes, you would find the high grades there also. Art and music classes were my favorite as I am very artistic and creative. Also, these classes were my escape, it took no energy, willpower, or brainpower to ever create anything in art or to learn the music to sing. If I was drawing, painting, crafting, singing, or learning how to do any of those things, then I was in my comfort zone and my safe place. Looking back, none of my high grades meant much academically. That is unless someone considers what I was fighting at home and socially in school. If that is considered, all of my achievements are a…

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