Essay on Graduation Speech : School Program

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For students consequences, our after school program location is a small building with small rooms next to our church. The more students we accept, the crowded the classroom will be. It can be dangerous for them to play when it is so packed. In some situation, when the tutors decided to stay for indoor activities rather than outdoor, the students are caged in the student center all the time, and cannot receive fresh air and sunshine. As more inexperience tutors increased, the quality of tutoring decreased. It is hard to blame new tutors, because most of the senior tutors left suddenly, and the new tutors have no chance to learn from seniors. As a result, the quantity of teaching has decreased due to different factors. These many unwanted consequences become a negative effect, and affect the students ' long term development. The materials that our center will be reduced due to budget cut. The original system of the “I Shop” system is abandoned as well. The reward system that will give out coupons for the students who are outstanding and being helpful. However, when the “I Shop” canceled, most students lack of motivation to do extra work or being helpful to others. For parents ' consequences, the low quality of tutoring might made them want to change another after school program which might cost much more than our program. The safety condition of our program has also raised their concern, and hoped that we are able to work out some plans. The director is working under…

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