Essay Graduation Speech : School Environment

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School Environment This is one of the largest elementary schools in Scott County. Western has a very diverse population in terms of socioeconomic status. Many students at Western live in households with an above median average income. Their families work in the manufacturing field, big corporations, medical and legal fields. Western also has about 25% population that lives in the trailer park. These families mainly work in agriculture, manufacturing, and hospitality.
The school’s main languages are English and Spanish. There are a few students who speak other languages such as French or Japanese.
For grades kindergarten through third, the students stay with one regular education teacher for all core subjects. Students in fourth and fifth grade have a homeroom teacher, but rotate for all subjects. Each grade at Western receives Spanish, art, music, physical education, guidance, and library as a special. Each grade also receives weekly library check out times and computer lab time.
Culturally Responsive School
The term culture can be used in many ways. It refers to activities like art, drama, ballet, etc. It can also be used for distinct groups in society. Culture is the explicit and implicit patterns for living the dynamic system of commonly agreed upon symbols and meanings, knowledge, belief, art morals, laws, customs, behaviors that are shared and make up the total way of life of a group of people.

According to chapter ???. A key concept of culture is that it is…

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