Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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I can remember it like it was just an hour ago, the time the plane landed in New York. It was a late afternoon and it was chilly. I remember immediately falling more in love with my mother because she had insisted vehemently that we wrap ourselves up in layers because she predicted that it would be cold. Even though these memories are so vivid, it feels like it was a thousand years ago. So much had happened since that first day in the United States three years ago. I hit the road running almost immediately, but the end of the following week I was already overwhelmed with class deadlines, scholarship and college applications and house chores but I was happy. This was the first time all my siblings were together under the same roof since 2009. This was also the end result of a long and expensive application process. It was amazing, I was going to start college on the premedical path, I was applying for jobs soon I would be making my own money. I was making new friends and creating new memories in the land of the free. But then I began to really think about my experiences in Nigeria. I started to absorb what was being said about this nation where my mother still stayed in at the time. I started to tie my bad experiences in the US with my africanness. The icing on the cake was the fact that the condemned feelings and attitudes I had had towards men, since I could remember, were no longer chastised by the government and the society. I no longer needed to hide myself for fear of…

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