Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Sometimes all it takes is one significant moment to completely redirect your life. I come from a small town where people live simplistic lives, maintain simplistic wage-earning jobs, and get comprehensive satisfaction from the occasional trips to the nearby amusement park. This life was all I ever knew. I grew up feeling content with how my life was and the thought that I would grow to live like my parents had. I come from a family of four; I have one sister, and two passive parents who emphasize strength and the importance of appearance. Education, never being highlighted in my house, clarifies why I went to the school that I did. If I attempted to portray my school as small that would be an understatement. There were typically around forty kids to a graduating class. Imagine the teachers as being tired, unmotivated, and seemingly not well paid, and you have a picture perfect image. The funding for our school, or lack there of, usually contributed to sports related activities. The school was dilapidated and unenthusiastic, cold and simultaneously a hot box, and brought on feelings of helplessness due to the exceedingly limited access available. It had four hallways, that’s it, which were usually under construction and smelled of plywood. However, for the simplistic people that surrounded me, they had everything they needed.
On my last day of middle school, the teachers and my classmates were all optimistically discussing our soon transformation to high school with bright…

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