Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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On the day of my graduation, I woke up and I begun to get ready. As soon as I woke up I was thinking about how this was such an exciting day for me and how I was so happy to finally be receiving my diploma. First step of the day was doing my hair and makeup in order to get in preperation for the night of my graduation. So when I first woke up I took a shower, and then I got out of the shower and blow dryed my hair. Once my hair was completely dried, I began to curl my hair so that it would stay curled throughout the day and if the curls fell I could easily fix them. So once I finished curling my hair and I let the curls sit as my mom sprayed my hair full of hair spray and never have I ever had my hair feel so hard in my life before. Throughout this entire time of getting my hair done, I had butterflies circulating in my stomach. So the next step was doing my makeup I carefully did every single step of my makeup because I knew I was sitting in the front row, so everyone would have their eyes on me, so that made the process of getting ready even more nerve wracking for me. Once everything was finished with my hair and makeup I began to put on my dress for graduation. I carefully slipped into my dress making sure not to mess up my hair or my makeup. Once I was in the dress I jumped in the car and was heading to school to where my excitement grew even more to lead up to my graduation. Once I arrived it was only moments before I took the stage and received my diploma with…

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