Essay on Graduation Speech : My Long Term Goal

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1.) My long term goal is to graduate from Rutgers University by May 2017 with a degree in psychology and human resources management and to go to graduate school. I plan to attend graduate school either at Rutgers or somewhere in the tristate to receive a master’s degree in human resources management. I have intensions of staying in the tristate because I want to be able to support my family since they are getting older. I want to be in a situation by which I could attend school and still be financially adept for my family. It’s always been a goal of mine to be the first person in my family to graduate from a 4-year university. This has driven me to new heights and better study habits. When it comes to my long term goal it could’ve went in so many directions. I have all of the power to make this goal happen accordingly.

2.) I want to save up to $3000 prior to May 1st 2017. I want to save this money in order to have a well-managed bank account with a safety net for unexpected situations and educational purposes. I would be able to measure how well I am doing by making sure my bank account is looking correctly by saving $250 from my paychecks in the summer ($250, 5 pay checks = $1250) from July 22 2016 until May 1st 2017, I would have $1750 remaining. During the year I have 39 weeks to raise $1750. I could either save $90 per week, or I could save $181. By the time May 1st comes by I would have $3000. In order for this plan to come to existence is by limiting the amount of…

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