Essay on Graduation Speech : My Goals

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Starting in early childhood, my parents taught me that school is one of the most important things in life. Their reinforcement toward education has kept me motivated to be the first person in my family to finish university in Canada. My goal is to graduate with a Family Social Sciences degree in the year 2018. Along with this long-term goal, I have implemented short-term goals to track my achievements in smaller steps. Furthermore, to stay focused on my goal I have executed time management strategies and schedule planning assets. Reflecting my achievements with my main value of education and support from my parents has become a strong motivating factor to work hard to meet my end result.
In order to complete my main goal, I have applied my wants into the Management Model. Thus, I am able to see a clear picture of the steps I will take to meet my goal. My main goal of graduation is preceded by short term goals I have set. A short term goal I have recently accomplished is being accepted into the Community Health Sciences program for the upcoming winter 2016 term. This goal is the beginning step for achieving my final desire. Thus; completing this goal has reinforced the way I assert my tasks. Stating my goals positively has encouraged me to continue working toward my desired goal. Using phrases such as “I will reach my goal” instead of “I would like to reach my goal” keeps the outlook of success at a high priority. In order to continue with short-term goal success, I have…

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