Essay about Graduation Speech : My Goals

1239 Words Nov 30th, 2015 5 Pages
Throughout college, I have had difficulty with creating short term goals, managing my stress, and my reading comprehension. Therefore, I hoped to practice and develop these areas by implementing strategies throughout the semester. I felt it was necessary to improve these areas since I felt that they were hindering my academic potential and my personal life. Additionally, it is uncommon to be given an assignment that focuses on improving oneself; thus, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and truly benefit from this. In this essay, I will discuss my strategy prior to this class, describe how the information I learned throughout this semester assisted in the development of my strategies, and how I will attempt to maintain this progress in the future.
Prior to this class, I accomplished my goals by reviewing my planner before and after class to prevent forgetting assignments. Additionally, I would look ahead of time to see if the assignment was difficult and whether I needed to break it into manageable pieces. These manageable pieces were my form of short term goals. However, I was not detailed with my agenda entries/goals. Furthermore, I would often procrastinate by completing easier assignments if the assignment I was working on was too difficult.
Since I would complete my assignments before their deadlines, this increased my confidence in my time management/goal setting skills and reinforced positive self-talk. However, a consequence of this strategy…

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