College Level Writing Assignment Analysis

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My First College Level Writing Assignment
My very first writing assignment in English 101 at Community College of Philadelphia was one of the most important moments in my literacy development. Literacy has not always been my strongest subject which stemmed from my experience in high school. However, after receiving recognition for writing one of the best essays in English 101 at the Community College of Philadelphia, it gave me the confidence I needed and showed me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to.
During high school, writing was my weakest skill. I always found it difficult to articulate my thoughts into words. Before even beginning this English class I felt like the writing aspect was going to be pretty challenging. I remember
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I soon adapted the attitude to do just enough to pass and therefore never really applied myself fully. Writing essays became a daunting task whenever this type of assignment was given. I soon developed an attitude of resentment whenever I heard the word essay.
When I entered the English class at Community College, even though I had reservations about how well I would do I decided I would fully apply myself. It became a challenge to eliminate those negative beliefs about writing abilities, due to my high school experience and turn them around. I began really clearing my thoughts to allow myself to really think about what the assignment was about. I followed the tips given to me during class. I also took thorough notes to ensure I had information to refer back to when I felt stuck. As the class went on I found myself actually looking forward to returning each week in anticipation of the next assignment. I really couldn’t believe that I was enjoying my writing assignments. It was then that I realized one thing, if I really applied myself anything even the goal of writing great papers could be achieved. We would meet once a week and for my first writing assignment, I actually

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