Essay on Graduation Speech : My Childhood

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My childhood was quite ordinary as well as atypical. My childhood could be defined by the two words, ‘carefree’ and ‘dance’. I had started dancing at the age of 4, and took dance very seriously, taking as many as three classes per week, and participating in various competitions. While my classmates were busy taking classes outside of school going to math, English, and science tutors, I spent majority of my outside-school time dancing and preparing for upcoming competitions. At school, my teachers frequently characterized me as confident, diligent, optimistic, and friendly, but has below-average math skills and often recommended that I get a math tutor. While my friends were learning middle school math with tutors by the time we were in grade 4, I struggled to catch up with school math.
During the summer, my family went to Victoria, Canada, where I would attend summer school. Only knowing the most basic English greetings and the word “microwave,” for I had to use the microwave at school, I struggled to adapt to the new environment. After 3 months of struggling and a little bit of fun, I returned to Korea and transferred to a private English immersion elementary school. I continued to dance and developed a passion for choreographing, often asking my parents to send me to specialized high school for dance. However, respecting my father’s life principle-nature, health and education-, and given my “below-average” mathematics skill, my parents agreed that I would not survive in…

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