Essay on Graduation Speech : Is It Really Benefit College Students?

869 Words Apr 17th, 2016 4 Pages
As the rate of college students using Rate My Professor website is growing quite rapidly in the United States, the question of whether it will benefit students’ schoolwork quality or not has sparked a lot debate. Rate My Professor is the largest online destination for entirely student-generated professor comments and ratings. Indeed, there is no doubt that the celebrated website, Rate My Professor, tends to be the quite popular reference for our college students to arrange every semester schedule due to its including a general range of college professors, no matter senior or fledgling. In addition to that the website enables students reflecting their comments and professors receiving feedback, in fact the majority of college students, primarily utilize it to schedule the courses with easygoing professors. So does Rate My Professor really benefit college students? Rate My Professor indicates the abundant useful information of college professors as well freely open to public especially for college students. Refer to Rate My Professor’s official introduction, the prevalent website is built for college students, by college students. That’s why it seems to be an initiative platform for students to express their personal experiences veritably, no matter affirmative or negative, which contribute to the following other students’ better determinations. No wonder that each college would possess celebrated professors and generally qualified professors. In favor of Rate…

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