Essay about Graduation Speech : Home School Communication

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Home-School Communication: The first day has come and gone, and it is time to communicate with parents. Parents are important people because they are the people that guide and teach students. The first teachers any student has will be their parents or guardians, and as teachers we need to respect parents. There is a lot that happens in the classroom and as teachers we need to make parents connected to the material as much as possible. Teachers need to provide multiple ways to communicate with parents through monthly newspapers or in today’s society through technology. Teachers have the availability to email, and call parents. There are many App, which allow teachers to be more connected to their students. Apps like REMIND allow the teacher to send announcements, reminders, or individual emails. The interaction between teacher and students is crucial to students learning, students home life impacts their behavior and how teachers interact with parents affect students. According to The effect of teacher-family communication on student engagement: Evidence from a randomized field experiment by Kraft “teacher–student communication may also affect students’ extrinsic motivation. Regular teacher–parent communication provides parents with information about their child’s performance in school that they might not otherwise have access to. Through this sharing of information, teachers and parents can partner to increase monitoring of student learning behaviors and create a unified…

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