The Importance Of Communicating With Parents In Special Education

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The process of communicating with parents can be challenging for many teacher, but for special education teacher it can be even more challenging. Special education teacher need to talk to parent regarding students Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). A large population of parents are new to the procedures of what is expected in an E.I.P. meeting. Kaylanpur and Harry (2012), focus on the importance of being culturally aware when addressing parents about issues and concerns. When addressing parents, a teacher should not make stereotype assumptions of what is the proper way to speak to a parent based on their culture. Instead, the teacher should learn about the parents’ cultural values, so they are able to approach parents in a professional manner. …show more content…
Unfortunately, it will not always be as easy when creating an I.T.P. or I.E.P. with many people being involved. Kalyanput and Harry (2012), explain the patience a teacher should have, “… the process of acculturation takes time, and professional who are hoping to make a difference for children must be willing to take the initiative in building a bridge between the cultures of diverse families an the cultures of the school” (p.26). All the training and information receiving about creating and I.T.P. or I.E.P. creates the assumption that it was be completed successfully in one meeting. Unfortunately, it will not be an overnight process, because creating an I.T.P. needs to be approved by the parents with consideration of their personal values. Finding a range of resources and methods that parent and student approve can be challenging. To create accommodations to meet the goal, the teacher must ensure the student is receiving the skill needed for the request, and insure it can me measured during the time period the student is in school. Working with parents and students can be challenging, because everyone has a different perspective of what is right for the student. The duty of a special education teacher is to find a middle ground to find the adequate services for the students, and their future when they are no longer in high …show more content…
The search for their individuality starts in high school, and follows them once they have graduates. Kalyanput and Harry (2012), make reference to the importance for a teacher to become aware of knowing their personal cultural values, and the importance of knowing the reason for your values (p.23). Being focus on the cultural values of students is important, but it will be difficult to understand the importance of someone else’s values when the teacher does not understand their own. I strongly agree with the argument Kalyanput and Harry (2012), makes because as educators we are focus on understanding the cultural values of parents and students. There is a difference in understanding and being aware of a persons cultural value. When a teacher has personal understanding of their cultural values, they are able to understand the conflict parents might have with the specific goals in the I.T.P. A teacher that is aware of their personal cultural values will be able to relate to his or her students in a personal level, when parents are choosing the changed activities in their I.T.P. The conflict that can occur with the I.T.P. can be solved in a professional and personal knowledge, because the special education teacher will have first hand experience of the issue occurring with the clashing of interest for the student. The teacher is able relate to her

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