Essay on Graduation Speech : High School

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Throughout the years people spend in school, there are always students who try harder than others and give more effort to help them get ready for the future. On the other hand, there are students who slack to just get through school, and as a result, they end up not doing so well. Teachers will allow the students who do not have the academic skills to move forward. Schooling from 8th grade to high school helps mold the undergraduates into whom and what they will become in the future. Holding a student back in school helps that student do the best that they can do with motivation to work towards future goals. This also gives them the opportunity to get back on the right track without earning false achievements.
With no fear of not being able to make it through school, students get less motivated to do well. These students are not working as hard as they should be to get better grades and to move on in school. Motivation is key to success and without it, undergraduates are more likely to not try as hard. Anyone can be offered a great education, but it is his or her own decision whether or not to take advantage of that. Parents, friends and teachers should be encouraging anyone that is struggling in school; this will help motivate students to do better. There should also be yearly exams to see if students should be held back a grade or not. Offering tutoring and extra help if the student shows that he or she should be held back could be beneficial to the success of the…

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