Graduation Speech : High School Essay

2514 Words Sep 6th, 2016 null Page
Growing up, I lived in a rural area, and attended a school which people wouldn’t considered amongst the elite schools. While I attended my former high school, I didn’t think about the quality of my education. When I went to college, my education up to that point seemed to be sufficient enough in allowing me to graduate with a Bachelors’ of Science. Furthermore, as I talked to friends, it appears that they were pressure to get higher education. They too attended a public school. Their concerned confused me, because even though they didn’t attend college, I considered them to be well-educated. It got me wondering, if a person without a college degree can still be well-educated. Years ago, I met a woman and her daughter at a pool. The woman explained to me that her daughter attended a religious school that prepares its students to go into the ministry. All subjects aimed to teach subjects, like English, in a way that reflected religious background. Subjects like Math and History, were not taught simply because it wasn’t needed. It seemed limiting to little girl’s education. What if she wanted to be a doctor? Would her education hold her back if she wanted to go down a more academic root? I didn’t ask any of this though, because it seemed rude. As the woman went on, she began to talk about her older daughter. In the same breath, she answered my silent question about college. Her daughter was attending an accredited college, like her younger daughter’s school, aimed to those…

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