The Library Card By Richard Wright Analysis

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What is the meaning of education? Is it how much you know on a test? Is it about your GPA? What truly makes someone educated? There are many definitions of education and many aspects it takes to view someone as being educated. However, many people do not have what it takes to be educated due to their disadvantages but yet end up being intelligent people. For example, is someone who attends college smarter than someone who hasn’t? Education can be affected in a multitude of ways. Race for example can affect how far your education goes due to the stereotypes and money issues. For example, African Americans were discriminated back then which made it harder for them to attain money which in return would make it hard for them to go to college which …show more content…
He makes the point that he couldn’t get books by saying “There was a huge library near me in the riverfront, but I knew that Negros were not allowed to patronize its shelves any more than they were with the parks and playgrounds of the city” (Wright 42). Wright makes the point that being a negro made it harder to become educated and constrained them to do many other things that required education to be able to do so. By limiting his ability to educate himself he is unable to pursue bigger things in life such as getting a job to get money. In “The Idea of a University,” Newman explains how being in a University benefits your education by putting you in a more educational environment. “An assemblage of learned men, zealous for their own sciences, and rivals of each other, are brought, by familiar intercourse and for the sake of intellectual peace, to adjust together the claims and relations of their respective subject of investigation” (Newman 108). He shows the benefits of being in a University compared to learning on the streets. The benefits of having constant competition and surrounding yourself with educated people makes education easier to attain. Wright is unable to attend a university due to his race which prevents himself from being in an educational environment. Since he is a “negro” he is technically not supposed to be reading which restricts him from learning and from the learning environment but he finds other means to get books showing his ability to want to learn and teaching himself things he previously didn’t know proving he too can be

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