Graduation Speech : High School Student Essay

1397 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Eager high school student ready to go out into the world and be on her own. On August 13th 2016 I moved into Moore-Strong residence hall. I am a first year college student and was so hyped up about the “college life”. Before I came to The University of North Carolina Greensboro I was an excited high school senior ready to graduate and leave from home. I 've come to realize shortly after that college is not what I expected. It let me down on the inside and I was a little disappointed. I feel that it’s just high school all over again, just more work, more freedom, more essays, and more responsibility. This first semester has been a huge shocker for me, but I believe that I will make it for the rest of my 3 years here. I just need to stay focused and remember my purpose which is to get a better education and follow my dreams. During this first semester I have been reflecting on people that made a difference in my life, I 've been thinking about changing my major, I have learned different things about myself and individuals around me and their lifestyles, I also would like to explore other things and I found out that gaining experience is always good.
While in high school my mother, cousin, and college advisor played a big part during senior year. The three of them always encouraged me and they stood by my side through everything and they were my support team. My mom played a big part because she showed me how to be independent and responsible she always told me to follow my…

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