Graduation Speech : High School Lessons Essay

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High School Lessons

As many people can relate, I’m sure you all have had a best friend whom you did, or still do, almost everything with. Someone you can tell anything to, trust with anything, and have the most fun with. My best friend and I have practically known each other since we were both in the womb. My mom had met hers in middle school and they’ve been friends ever since. In fact, they met in the same middle school my best friend and I also attended. Our family’s history led to us being more like sisters, maybe even like fraternal twins, rather than friends. Our family and friends would joke around saying things such as, “It’s like you two are attached by the hip!” We shopped together, went to school together, had multiple classes’ together, played volleyball together, and even shared the same friends. Unfortunately as high school started, our friendship began to change. As we timidly walked into the enormous school, which was at least 4 times as big as our middle school, we were met with what resembled a scene out of a typical high school teen movie. Hundreds of intimidating teens filled the hallway reminiscent of the traffic you could only imagine in a busy city. The place reeked of hormones. Across the cafeteria, sitting at a table, a cluster of pageant looking girls sit laughing as if they’ve been given laughing gas. On the gleaming floor a few feet away from me, sit a group of boys and girls playing with what look like Magic the Gathering cards. Coming from…

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