Graduation Speech : High School And After School Program Essay

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I am one of eight children and the first in my family to attend college. During my freshmen year of college, I did not quite understand what that meant. I volunteered at the local high school and after school program. Most of my mentees came from similar backgrounds- crime infested and crime ridden neighborhoods, and would be the first in their families to graduate. I constantly preached the importance of an education at all levels. Being a Black male attending a predominantly White college, my mentees thought my parents must be wealthy. I had to share personal experiences and prove to my mentees that I was worthy of their trust and relationships. I worked tirelessly to be an exemplary example for not only my younger siblings, but my mentees as well. I am proud to say I played a significant role in my younger brother graduating high school, becoming a U.S. soldier, and now pursuing a degree in education. My work is not complete, I still have three younger sisters that must graduate high school and move on to post-secondary education.
The summer following my first year I received an internship to teach at Breakthrough Collaborative in Miami, Florida, as a ninth grade reading teacher for a program geared towards bridging the gap in education for minority students. I was drawn to the program because of its mission. At the time, I paired to become a lawyer. I wanted to help my community through the law and opening up my own community center. After that summer, being an educator…

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