Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

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I believe in true love but sometimes there is no love.
When I was attending to Bellevue Elementary School through kindergarten to second grade. I felt like nobody cares about me because everyone treated me like if I was their trash. When I was younger I was more talkative to everyone. When I was in kindergarten my teacher always screams at me or get me in trouble for no sense. Back then I was more careless with my education because nobody told me how important was for me.
In first grade, wasn 't a great for me because I was a loneliness at school and I did play with kids that know. I had problems with my education and my teacher never did anything to help. When school almost end and my dad went to open house for first grade. I still remember when my teacher talks to him and told me that I wasn 't doing a great job throughout the year and i wasn 't a great student over all. My dad was very mad at me because he got bad feedback from me. But I really did not care at that time because I know most of the time we had free time and field trips. In second grade, I was in a class where I relieved so much support from my teacher. I started to have friends and play with them. One day my teacher talked to me that if I wanted to have a regular math class with a second-grade class because my math skills were in the level to be a regular class. I was so happy that my special day class help me so much with my math and reading. But the same time I was nervous because the regular were…

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