Graduation Speech : Elementary School Teachers Essay

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Many people enjoy teaching or spending time with children, but a few people take their love for education and little kids just a step farther and become elementary school teachers. Elementary school teachers must be patient, kind, and have a passion for learning, so after thoroughly researching the field of education I have decided that being an elementary school teacher is the career I am going to continue to pursue.
Elementary school teachers instruct students in multiple subjects, such as reading, writing, English, science, math and social studies. These educators generally teach kindergarten through fifth grade. In some schools, however, they may teach other grade levels, such as pre-kindergarten and sixth grade. They plan lessons, deliver instruction, assess students on an on-going basis and evaluate student progress compared to state standards. Working with children on a daily basis can be frustrating but watching their academic progress can be quite rewarding.
When you start teaching you have a large array of occupational tasks specific to elementary school teachers. Many of these need to be done correctly or your students could become behind in their learning. Many of the things you need to do include teaching outlines and lesson plans to children, both individually and in groups by assigning homework, teaching art, music, or physical education classes. You must also spend time counseling children who may be having difficulty and working with families when…

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