Essay about Graduation Speech : Education And Training

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Education and Training
The most strenuous and tedious requirement to become a physician is education, a potential physician must have had completed 4 years of undergrad and 4 years of medical school. In undergrad, students can major in anything but, they must have completed work and have a potent foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and English. All though it’s not required, volunteering at a local hospital can help strengthen ones communication skills and help future M.D get a better understanding of a healthcare setting. During the third year of undergrad students are required to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), the MCAT, according to the Princeton Review, consists of: Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, and a Writing Sample. According to the Princeton Review “the MCAT are scored between a 1 and a 15. 1 being the lowest score and 15 being the highest score. In total, the lowest MCAT score you can receive is a 3, and the highest MCAT score is a 45.” After the student has complete the MCAT, it’s strongly recommendation that the student attains a plethora of letters of recommendations, to strengthen his or her application and has a GPA of 3.6 and higher.
Next comes applying to medical school, students are strongly recommended to apply in their junior year of undergrad to insure their application is received and is proceed. According to the American Medical Association, medical school is a four year program which…

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