Graduation Speech : College Students Essay

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Every summer, thousands of college freshman move into college. The freshman come into college with many different feelings ranging from excitement to dread. Like everyone else their freshman year, new freshmen are lost and don’t know what to do about anything. There are multiple ideas that new freshmen must know to adjust to college life to succeed.
In order to adjust to college, freshmen must learn how to manage their time. College tends to suck up many student’s time. There are activities or club meetings happening all the time. As a result, if one is participating in said activities or clubs, there is a lot of time gone from that individual. This leads to less time studying, which is a necessity to college students of all years. In addition to managing time for activities, clubs, and studying, one must have some free time to keep their sanity. If all a student does is study and take no breaks for anything, that student will be burnt out before the end of the semester. Managing time is key to success in college, for it balances out everything going on in a student’s life.
Managing time for studying, activities, clubs, and free time may be important, but another tip is to not procrastinate. Procrastination will be the Achilles heel for many freshmen if they don’t learn how to stop procrastination. In high school, one may get away with procrastinating on a project or paper, but college is completely different. First of all, there is much more material to study in a shorter…

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