Graduation Speech : College School Essay

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I grew up with two full time working parents and so I never had a taste of life of a “stay at home mom” until now. My parents place a high value on education and so I grew up with the understanding that I had to be successful in school. I went to the local public grade school until I reached high school. Then I applied and was accepted into a private all girls Catholic school 25 miles from home. That is where I was taught unforgettable lessons on life, women, friendships, faith among other things. Next up was Arizona State University. I wanted a change from the small Catholic school feeling. Once I got there, I was waiting for that moment where I would know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, what to study, what my passion was. But it just wasn’t there yet. I joined a sorority and felt accepted. I had oodles of friends and developed some lifelong friendships. Life at school was great but I still didn’t have that “calling” so many others speak of. I finally decided to major in Family Studies/Child Development. Once I graduated, I tried to find some jobs within my area of study but I quickly learned that without a Master’s degree in this area (or a similar one such as Psychology) I could not get a decent paying job. I stumbled into a career in the Financial Services industry where I quickly obtained my series 7 license (among others). I was succeeding and was quickly promoted, moving to the flagship branch in San Francisco where I serviced many top…

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