Graduation Speech : College Education Essay

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When thinking about higher education, intimidating, motivational, or even fun thoughts may come to mind. Many say college is not needed to be successful this day in age; however college education is a vital piece to the puzzle of success for many. Receiving a college education will lead the student down the path towards a career, form resourceful connections that can last a lifetime and bring an overall sense of achievement in one 's life.
Beginning in the third grade, when end of year assessments are first introduced the word college is brought up in connection with good grades and a good job. As the school years progress that connection is constantly brought up as motivation to do well and make good grades. Some will bring up people they know that have been successful without making good grades and getting into college. Having a good paying job without a college degree is definitely possible; however it is not guaranteed and could possibly to a life full of struggle. A degree does not immediately guarantee a job, however someone with a college degree would have a better chance than someone without one. Others who oppose will bring up the many stories posted throughout the internet about people who were living a comfortable life and fell on hard times. An article in the textbook “They say, I Say”, entitled "The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream" written by Barbara Ehrenreich tells of her realization that it is not just uneducated people going through tough times. She…

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