Graduation Speech : College Admissions Essay

1297 Words May 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Ladies and Gentlemen, are you concerned about your future? Do you think about what you will grow up to be and how your life will be after high school? Congratulations. You are a typical high school student. While your future career may be some years away, I am sure you are concerned about the college you will attend. College admissions has always been a great concern for high school students all over the world, and the details of what it takes to get into this college or that college has always been a topic of discussion. When we apply to colleges, there are some crucial things that college administration officials look at. I am sure everyone in this classroom knows what those are: your GPA, extracurricular activities, and standardized tests. I believe determining a student’s ability through his or her GPA is reasonable, because the GPA reflects how diligently a student studied in school. Also, a student’s extracurricular activities show how active he was. However… What about standardized tests? Can you honestly tell me that those tests are fair to everyone? Are they really objective and bias-free? Why are we putting ourselves into so much pain for unnecessary things? Even though standardized tests are meant to be a tool to compare the test takers in an objective manner, they have been criticized based on numerous factors. For one, many standardized tests are criticized for their lack of objectivity. Another criticism is that students with more financial resources have an…

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