Essay Graduation Speech : A College Student

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It’s official! I’ve been a college student for almost a month. The overwhelming amount of freedom was initially exciting,until I realized I have to do everything by myself!!! College is completely different from high school, the workload went from 0-100 real quick. I even had a quiz already in Math. Surprisingly, I passed!!! (God be looking out) Being a music major is very time-consuming. Even though I don’t have a music class everyday, there is always something going on in the Performing Arts Building. From music auditions,meetings,ensemble practices, or simply practicing for myself, there’s never a dull moment. Math is my only class on Monday and Wednesdays because the Lord knew I couldn 't handle anything after that, and he wanted me to rest my nerves. My math teacher seems to be the sweetest lady. She even said I could call her Catherine. I would love to, but my mama don 't play that. My favorite class so far is The Art of Teaching Music. Instead of lectures, the teacher gives us hands on experience. For example Yesterday I was instructed to act like a 6th grader. We reviewed time signature, key signature, etc.. as 6th graders. The class before she told us to bring in comic strips, we broke into groups, and had to write songs about our comic strips within the constraints she gave us with key signature,measures etc.. as six graders. After we performed our songs, we had to critic ourselves, grade ourselves, and state the goal of the lesson.. Like we were teachers. Get it?…

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