Graduate School Preparedness Essay

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Datoya Brown BIOL 703: Experimental Methods Biology January 29, 2014 “Preparing Graduate Students for Graduate-Level Study and Research” Summary The number of academically under prepared and at-risk college graduates completing graduate-level degrees is increasing. Many of the students are doomed to failure either because they are academically disqualified or because they lack the guidance to acquire new information necessary for involvement of their thesis and/or project. Ultimately the cost of losing students is worrisome to both university/college officials and program coordinators. One of the most common hindrances for graduate students is the completion of the thesis, which almost always involves complex reviews of subject area …show more content…
Upon calculation of questionnaire responses, it was noted that all students reportedly used the library but did not readily consult the librarian for help with available resources. Most students instead used compiled host databases such as Google Scholar. With these resources more than had of the respondents had a clear predetermined research topic and felt confident in their independent methods of literature researching. Although most students knew exactly what they wanted their thesis-based project to be on, they had not formulated a plan-of-study when participating in the first questionnaire. At the end of the semester fewer students participated in the questionnaire. The outcome of this second questionnaire listing likes and dislikes of the course, with the most useful being learning how to use the databases to conduct article searches and managing those searches relevant to the individual. The least favored was the use of class time, in that the students wanted more time for hands-on activities. In conclusion, overall this manuscript is a comprehensive and well-written paper concerning graduate students lacking the advanced skills needed for research competency at a desired level. Independent methods alone have proven to not only subject students to failure and/or delay thesis completion but

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