The Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals Analysis

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Being selected as one of the top 100 hospitals is a hard feat. Some of the requirements that have to be met for a health care provider to show on this list include, risk adjustments, mortality rate, and operating profit margin. This is just a glimpse of some of the items that are taken into consideration, the true definitions are broken down and dissected even further. Not only are there performance measurements, these hospitals have to fit into a certain service criteria, such as the type of care the facility is providing, meaning short term, long term or broad spectrum treatments. Taking a look into some of those top one hundred hospitals and the achievements they have made, may help in gaining a better understanding of how this ultimate …show more content…
The achievement “honors a special group of the 100 Top Hospitals award winners that has achieved benchmark status for one-year performance and has simultaneously set national benchmarks for the fastest long-term improvement on our national balanced scorecard.” (Thomson Reuters, 2012) There are four steps of methodology that are used when officials are making their section for the top 100 hospitals. In the first step, data collected from previous years on various hospitals and complied into a database, then sorted out so specific items can be studied such as “short-term, acute care, non-federal U.S. hospitals that treat a broad spectrum of patients.” (Thomson Reuters, 2012) Then the data and the hospitals are further classified based on items such as the teaching status of the facility and the number of beds. The third step in the selection process involves scoring each selected hospital based on performance measures. There are different levels of performance areas that are taken into consideration for these, and they include the assessment of the care, any quality performance reviews, how efficient the facility is running and the overall financial performance of the organization. The final area that is incorporated into the selection process is based on ranking method. Each hospital is given a rank based on the level in which they come in, compared to their peer hospitals in the same

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