Grading Is A System That Is Generally Adopted By Schools And Institutions Of Education

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Grading is a system that is normally adopted by schools and institutions of education to indicate how good or how bad a student performed in a given test. The grades are usually a standardized measure applicable to schools in a certain region, town, state or country. Grading is either indicated by letters; A being the highest and F representing failure, indicated by ranges 1-6, a percentage of all the rightly answered questions in a test or by expressing a number out of the overall. Using the different grades a student attains in various tests, the grade point average (GPA) can be calculated. This is basically done by getting the average grade of all the grades a particular student got in a specific school period. In the olden days, it was super easy to calculate one’s GPA because the scale was very simple having A=4 and an F=0. One would easily calculate their GPA straight from their head. Since everything is evolving, the GPA calculations have also evolved. It also cannot be assumed that all high schools or colleges calculate their student’s GPA the same way. It is therefore important that one knows how their school calculates their GPA as well as how different universities do their math because you GPA may always be different from other students in other institutions even though you had the same grades.
It is very crucial that one keeps track of their GPA because of the following reasons:
Your GPA can speak for you in terms of productivity. When you have…

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