Graded Unit Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Once I know that what I have submitted is acceptable. I will then work on my own on the graded unit and the presentation for employment. When my plan is all checked and everything is ok, I will then be given a date that I must complete the graded unit for, this will give me enough time to carry out all of the required tasks that the graded unit is asking me to provide. Throughout the process of me completing the portfolio of the graded unit, I am allowed to ask for help at any time if I am finding any area of the graded unit difficult. I must not plagiarise any work that I wish to use as my own, I will have to compose each answer in my own words and I must reference any work if I wish to use someone else’s work. I will also have to complete a dated logbook that will show a timeline of my progress during the process of completing the graded unit. My grade will be judged on the overall product and what amount of time I have taken to complete this task.

Although I will be marked on this piece as a whole, I must
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It was key for me that there was visible evidence shown to provide back up to my overall mark. However in the HND graded unit, I am provided with an assignment brief and it is up to me what position of the music industry I will be "applying" to and then present to a panel on why I should get the desired job that have chosen. I must also show off my business skills throughout my research with a log book, my preparation and how I evaluate all of the specific information to the panel so I can be graded on my specific job

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