Grace Happens Character Analysis

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When I was little, I wanted to be, or even be the daughter of, a movie star. Just like every little girl wants to be. I wanted to wear upscale clothes, have all the money in the world, travel all over the planet, and own excessive houses. That’s basically the life Grace has in Grace Happens, by Jan M. Czech. Her mom, Constance Meredith, is a movie star, which means Grace has a modern and spoiled life. Except, Grace just wants to be normal. She is determined to become as normal as possible. She also has the bravery to edit her life. There would have been little to the story if Grace had been any different. Grace was a hero; I knew she had heroic qualities from the beginning.
Also, Grace does not like her life, so she is determined to change
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Grace was the only one who cared about her parents’ past life. If she didn’t care, then no one would ever know Constance 's past. Grace was the one who wanted answers. No one else in the world would have cared. I know this because the story mentions no others that wanted to know about Constance’s early life. Thank goodness for Grace!
I could find no definite inspiration for Grace, but Jan M. Czech probably wrote about Grace because she wanted to teach the reader something. That might be to get us to understand that money can’t buy happiness. Why? Because Grace has all the money she could hope for, and isn’t satisfied. She wants someone her own age to talk to. She desperately wants a friend. That’s something that most teenagers would have. I think Czech wants us to remember that friends are more valuable than money, and that we should cherish them. That may be why she wrote about Grace.
In conclusion, Grace is a well thought out character. She plays an inspiring role, demonstrating that you will need some determination and bravery to find what you really want. She was successful in getting her family together. She did it despite the imperfect, and confusing circumstances. Grace made herself important, who teaches a lesson that teens would understand. Without her, the story would not have had a happy

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