Gothic Architecture And Gothic Art Essay

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Gothic architecture was one aspect of Gothic art, which was the most important and original art form in the Gothic art period and flourished in two major international regions Western Europe and central Europe. According to the process of the evolution of architecture, the Gothic architecture grew out of the Romanesque architectural style. Compared Romanesque style and Gothic style, there were a lot of differences. For instance, the shape of arches, while Romanesque churches had round arches, Gothic 's had pointed arches. Gothic cathedrals had bigger windows to let more bright light into the room, but Romanesque churches were in the dark environment because of small windows. Furthermore, the Gothic architects figured out the new ways of making roofs and solved the problem about because of a lack of support, heavy stone arches collapsed. The heavy masonry dome ceiling had the large span so that the outside wall of vault would have huge downward and outward pressure. Therefore, the vertical wall of the building must be made very thick to support, which included the outward thrust of the containing barrel vault. The architects developed a ribbed vault, in which through the transverse rib to span the arch area. At the same time, each arch had a diagonal rib to support the surface of the arched ceiling by the simple thin stone slab. This greatly reduced the weight of the ceiling vault and the outward thrust. Moreover, the barrel vault 's arch also was designed later, which was…

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