Essay about Gotham City Bank 's Current Hr Strategy

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1. Gotham City Bank’s current HR strategy is using bargain laborers. In other words, they are operating with an external labor orientation and a cost leadership HR strategy. An example of this HR strategy at work, is the fact that the bank predominantly uses part-time employees to fill the teller position. Subsequently, there is a high turnover rate amongst these workers and the bank is forced to hire externally in order to fill open positions. Another example of this strategy is that their tellers have skills that could be used at any bank. This means that Gotham hasn’t focused its efforts on creating talent unique to its organization. Also, the high turnover rate hints that employees are motivated to contribute and stay based on wages instead of loyalty to the bank.
2. A) Based on a rudimentary analysis of Gotham City Bank’s strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats, I would recommend a differentiation business strategy.
B) A current strength for Gotham City Bank is that it has a 50% share in the retail banking market. However, the bank’s weakness is that it currently has a very small market share in real estate and corporate banking. I recommend differentiation because there is an opportunity to diversify and take on more lucrative accounts now that the banking industry has gone through deregulation. By focusing on results, details, and customers service, Gotham bank has a better chance of attracting more corporate and real-estate clients. A threat that they…

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