Google 's Benefits For The Human Resource Department Of The Company

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Since the company was established in 1998 in a private garage, Google has developed boom in all fields it enrolled. With the development of the company, Google has enhanced all the service standards even benefits to its employees. For example, Google now provides employees with transportation benefits, mean plan and other extra benefits. These days, Google has become the most popular company in the world which most graduates from top schools dream of. However, with the fast development in the industry, some challenges are also met by the management level of the company, especially the human resource department. They has met some problems like time-waste selection system, unequal payments and lack of training in how to keep balance between work and life.
Today, I am going to work as a consult invited by Google company and make some beneficial recommends for the human resource department of the company for them to make further improvements.
Recruitment and selection:
Compared to the early period of the company, the recruitment and selection policy and system has changed much now in Google. As we all know, technology company always requires employees with various skills and strong ability. Therefore, Google establish a selection standard that only top students from top college or university could be invited to the company. Meanwhile, experienced works from other global companies like Microsoft and Apple are also welcomed by the Google Company. Google annalist Girard also…

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