Essay on Google Vision, Mission and Values.

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This assignment talks about the company called DELL, a computer hardware manufacturing and distribution. All the products of DELL are more compatible than the other manufactures product in the market. The business strategy was propagated by dell along with HTC for handled computers and for other devices of host computer. The gaming consoles of dell are successful in the market and they are congruent with the devices from Sony, Nintendo and other companies. In the year 1984 Michael Dell started PC’s limited while a student at the university, by trading and designing a small computer in a room. Michel dell was dropped out of university in the year 1985, in his early stage of designing a computer. Later on the company
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The another aspect is scaling the employees about their performance related pay scale for their skill sets and their job performance appraisals has been provided with circumstances (Grant , R.M.(2008)).Taking customer service department each and every employee is appraised to make them happy and to create a bonding between employees.
These changes will help the company to meet their required profit and their customer needs.
Strengths and Weakness of Dell: * Direct conversation with customer and to satisfy their needs. Easy reach through phone and internet which talks about the product differentiation and services. * Dell has huge collection of products for all the classes which is the main strength for the company. * Dell is best for their customer service and handling the complaints, they took the award winning strategy as de same. Dell is financially sounded organization among its competitors. * Price performance: dell offers many products with range of prices. Production and sales are not given much importance by Dell. All the software packages are provided along with the computer. * Self customization: The components which are required for their hardware can be selected by themselves and specifications required for the system are directly chosen by the customer. * Reliable service and support: The services of dell in pre and post sales are good and it’s known for the service. Through marketing they introduce their new products

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