Good Cop Bad Cop Analysis

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The social injustice of police brutality and racism are rampant and everyone in America is well-aware of this problem. However, the topic is extremely controversial and the views of Americans happen to be very extreme. But, in actuality, most of these hate-fueled opinions are the result of people not being exposed to the opposing view. The song Good Cop Bad Cop by Starlito and Don trip gives insight to the widespread spectrum of corruption in police and their brutality against African Americans. This injustice is a topic of conversation that we, as a society, tend to shy away from in conversation due to the sensitivity the nature of the conversation has. Good Cop Bad Cop bluntly exposes the nature of the actions of police, without worry of …show more content…
He also uses the story of Officer Criag’s son being the victim to show that cops are still human and have families. An individuals experience with the police, personal prejudices, and opinions of those around them all help to shape the individuals view on the social issue. Starlito also named the song Good Cop Bad Cop after a song Ice Cube wrote during the times of the Rodney King riots. He is actively trying to compare the massive amount of brutal force used against African Americans during that time to present problems with the police. By using the characters Officer Craig and Officer Bart he can demonstrate the “good cop” concept, which many police in America fall under; along with the “bad cop” that represents the officers who are causing so much corruption and injustice in the justice system. Starlito is clear to point out that both officers believe they are just playing their role to the best of their ability and trying to protect and serve the public. Starlito adequately represented the problem in America with the song “Good Cop Bad Cop” without being biased, which is a quality of conversation often left out when discussing social

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