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Gold Retriever, also known as Gold, is one of the favorite and most beloved of all dog breeds. Known for its loyal and outgoing personality, the Golden Retriever calls many connoisseurs a "perfect dog." Over the years, Gold has changed very little, except that the lighter coat is becoming more and more popular. The golden retrimbers were recognized by the American Kennel Club as a member of the Sports Group in 1925. A mature male golden retriever should stand 23 to 24 inches at the holder; women should be between 21½ and 22˝ inches high. A deviation of more than one inch in both directions is disqualification in accordance with the American standard. Adults usually weigh 55-75 pounds (females are usually lighter and smaller than
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They are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-kept, great with children, and kind to strangers. These are good guards, but they are loudly guard dogs because they love people too much to be effective. Golden Retrievers are always in the category of obedience classes and are often sports champions. Hunters believe they are reliable bird dogs, and their enthusiastic feeling and desire to work with people makes them drug sniffers. Gold Retrievers need people and they are best suited for large, active families.

The AKC standard states that the golden retriever is: "symmetrical, strong, active dog, sound and well-assembled, not unobtrusive and taste-packed, showing kind words and personality who want to warn and persuade themselves." They are sturdy, well-divided dogs. with medium length, feather coat, which can be in any golden hue. They have wide heads with a wide but tapered cap. They work on black nose, brown eyes and pinnate ears.

Size and weight
Men should stay between 23 and 24 inches at the ear and weigh between 65 and 75 pounds. Women should be between 21.5 and 22.5 inches and weigh between 55 and 65 pounds. In an exhibition rally, dogs that are more than one inch longer or shorter than the standard are disqualified but have no height to disqualify the dog who accompanied the

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